Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Opie and Friends: New Year New Movies

Join me and my buddies Frank & Roy as we show and discuss our favorite New Years films as well as the films we are looking forward to in 2017.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Joel, Noel and Jahlil Conundrum

Over the past few seasons, the Philadelphia 76ers have been a headline story in the NBA for a laundry list of the wrong reasons. This all started with the hiring of Sam Hinkie from a Houston Rockets organization that turned years of mediocrity and back end lottery picks into James Harden. Sam Hinkie brought his analytical team building to the organization that believed that drafting the best player available over team need was the best way to put a championship team together.

Going into the 2013 draft, without even a coach hired, Sam Hinkie turned Jrue Holiday into an already injured Nerlens Noel and what ended up becoming foreign-born Dario Saric and his fingerprint was quickly put on this team. In 2014, Hinkie went on to draft another injured big man in Joel Embiid and the next year, in 2015, saw him drafting a healthy big man for a change in Jahlil Okafor. Although these three men, when healthy, would all be considered to be a starting center, especially in today's NBA of the stretch fours, Sam Hinkie stuck to his theory of best player available. With the pre-existing injuries to Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid, it was no guarantee that either player would come back to have a long healthy career. This is where this season becomes so frustrating for Philadelphia 76ers fans.